WELCOME TO «Boutique 59»
From 01.04.2024, in accordance with Federal Law No. 214-ФЗ of 29.07.2017 on Conducting an Experiment on Development of Resort Infrastructure and Saint Petersburg Law No. 419-81 of 29.06.2023 on Introduction of a Resort Fee in the Territory of Saint Petersburg, all guests of Saint Petersburg (except for persons who are exempt from paying the resort fee) are obliged to pay a resort fee of RUB 100 per person per day upon arrival at the hotel.
Elegant and with a very special atmosphere, the hotel has 27 exquisite rooms, divided into five different types.
A collection of modern art is displayed in the halls and lobbies of the hotel.
Exceptional fabrics with a natural composition are used for the textile decoration of the rooms.
The hotel is located on Zhukovskogo Ul., an area with trendy bars and restaurants that is bustling at all hours of the day.
Nevsky Prospekt and Moskovsky Railway Station are a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

If you are planning to spend a few days in Saint Petersburg, to see the opening of the bridge, the Summer Garden or to walk along the embankments during the white nights, our hotel is ideal for you.

Boutique 59 — Boutique 59 is a modern designer hotel in the heart of Saint Petersburg
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The surname Ladomirsky was a gift from Catherine II to her favourite Ivan Rimsky-Korsakov and his young wife Ekaterina Strogonova.
Among the ancestors of the Ladomirskys there are famous surnames: Stroganovs, Naryshkins, Yusupovs, Gagarins, Trubetskys.
The fashionable architect Aleksandr Bravura was invited to build the mansion by the granddaughter of the first Ladomirskys, Maria. Bravura is the architect of many buildings in Saint Petersburg. These include the Ministry of Internal Affairs buildings on Bolshaya Morskaya.
Our mansion was built in 1859. The building was later bought by Privy Councillor Aleksei Nikitin, who rebuilt it in an 'Art Nouveau' style. The view of the mansion has been preserved until today.
Welcome to the mansion of Maria Ladomirskaya!
On the ground floor of the hotel there is a gastro bar called Sette.
A well-balanced wine list, fine cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere await you every day
from 8am to 12am.